The National Education Policy of India, abbreviated as NEP, was framed in 1986, and it was modified in 1992. So, it has been in existence for at least three decades, and during this long period, the country and the world's society and economy have changed massively. So, India's education sector needed to update itself according to the 21st-century requirements. The new policy, released on 23rd September 2020, will focus on innovation, research, and quality to fulfil India's dream of becoming a knowledge powerhouse.

The teachers are our frontline warriors in Corona virus Pandemic as they have kept the wheels of learning spinning, safeguarding the future of millions of students all over the world. So, it is time to celebrate the tireless efforts and extraordinary patience of teachers in this tough time. VBSE wants to say thanks from the bottom of the heart.

Online learning has evolved as a novel trend in recent years. But, the global pandemic of 2020 has taken online learning to new heights. Colleges and schools have been shut down in multiple countries to keep little ones safe in their homes. In that case, arranging virtual classes is the only alternative option for academic institutions to run the education system. 

But, keeping aside the urgency and the spread of the Coronavirus, online education has undoubtedly revolutionized and modernized the educational sector. It is an incredibly beneficial option for both the givers and the receivers of knowledge. Let’s get to know the fantastic benefits of virtual learning in detail:

Try these important things to assist your child in online learning

The sudden closure of schools due to the outbreak of a global pandemic has been challenging for students, teachers, and parents. All of a sudden, schools in many countries have been shut down to prevent Coronavirus's spread among students. 

It has been months that children are sitting at home, and nobody knows when they will be able to go to school once again. So, the only option left with schools to continue education is on the digital platform. 

Teacher Learner

We want our children to do better and achieve their best in all areas of their life. The desire and the need to excel is much stronger nowadays. In doing so, the arena is getting competitive. We strive to find out ways in which we can support our children to achieve milestones in their journey. We are trying to plan activities so that our kids learn as many things in as little time as possible. Moreover, we expect from them to remember the things for longer time as we want to strengthen their base.

To give an analogy, we learn the roads and the routes only when we drive ourselves. It means learning by doing and repetition is the optimal way to go about a task and ensure success. In the same way kids learn and retain better when they not only do their tasks themselves but also do them again and again. To ensure repeat actions that will reinforce their learnings, they can teach their peers and young ones.

We are stronger together

To be born a woman is a blessing. The women are the undeclared superpower, soft yet strong as they are doing multiple roles which are no less than nine avatars of Durga, the Goddess of Shakti. Considering the superpowers that embody women, I feel that every day should be celebrated as a Women's Day.

Women in modern times are managing the diverse activities in their homes such as the kitchen, looking after the studies and extra-curricular activities of their kids and taking care of other family members by playing the roles of teacher, mother, wife, chef, sister, daughter and more. Apart from working in the home, many of them are equally immersed and proficient in managing their workplace.


Letting go of personal judgements temporarily in order to appreciate the perspectives different from your own is compassion. Compassion is a concern we have when we are faced with the suffering of others and feel a desire to see that suffering relieved. Compassion is a part of our experience of being human. When faced with pain of our dear ones, we instinctively reach out to reassure them. Similarly, when someone reaches out to us in our times of distress we feel touched and overwhelmed.

To be compassionate, one needs to have feelings for others and be genuinely concerned about the needs and well-being of other people. When we are compassionate, it is easier for us to understand why people do what they do.



Time and again, we have heard people saying this.  We ourselves have grown up listening to this from childhood. Later on, as adults, we have experienced this in our own lives too. Everyone from an employee to the businessman and from an organization to the government has felt when life has not been fair. 

 Fairness is a value needed by everyone.

So What Exactly Is Fairness?

 Simply said, fairness means the ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty.


Change is the new constant.   Everything is destined to change.

Change affects entire industries. When new technologies arrive or when new competitors not even thought of previously are born, then change is inevitable. For example, the map making industry lost its business to GPS manufacturing industry which in turn was affected by Google smartphone navigation apps. Just like an industry affected by change, an organization that is leading in its industry today may not even exist tomorrow. We know many examples of corporations such as Kodak, Ericsson that were once thriving but are no longer around. Their inability to be agile resulted in their failure.


Time has come today where it seems the truth of the old saying –‘end justifies the means’ is being applied everywhere. This mantra can easily be seen in our adult life as well. Life has become a race and each one of us wants all the things at any cost. To achieve all that we desire, we are compromising on many counts. The public life is full of everyday cases of deceit, dishonesty and unfair practises. Often, an unkind comment on the Facebook post, a nasty remark is seen as a fun game without a consideration for the consequences. But actually, the consequences are real. Do we realise that we would be paying a cost for it someday? 

Inside And Outside-What We Should Develop

Yesterday night as I was getting ready for a party, a few thoughts drifted in my mind. I felt I should be taking more care of skin and my face. After all, they are what we present to the outside world. Anyway, with such thoughts twirling in my mind, I got ready and set out of the house. 

As I was driving down, I realised that we spent a lot of time on the outer appearances. We go for face clean-up, hair care and styling but rarely think about the rest of the body, much less focus on it. Everyone is more careful about the appearance that they put out for the world and do not bother with the thought of doing exercise for overall development of the mind and body simply, because it is not visible to others. Nobody gives second thoughts to the well-being of their inner self.


Parents of young children are very much involved in their children's day to day activities. Neo-parents take active interest in the studies especially if the child is in any class from 1 to 8. However, with examinations around the corner, they find that either the child is not bothered as he does not know how to handle this or the child is too much worried. On the either extreme, it can often be seen that the parents become as much stressed as the child. They may be anxious and worried about numerous things. They might think that their child is not adequately prepared, doesn't have enough time, or is preoccupied and such like.

Smiley face

Holistic education enables the students to grow into well-balanced individuals who have a broad outlook and a better understanding of the world around them. It cannot be denied that students need to be good in core academics but they need to be taught essential skills also that are required for making the children progressive and confident. 

Educators are beginning to realise that our current educational system is not conducive to the growth of a balanced personality, even if the grades tell that the student has mastered all the concepts. 

Is it possible that the traditional method of imparting knowledge is enough for the child’s development? 

Do you think a child can learn to ride bicycle by watching a You Tube video?

Children Respect

Present Scenario in Value Building

We, as parents focus only on the percentage or grades of the children. But unwittingly we also judge them on their actions and behaviour. When our children are perceived and judged in a similar manner by others, we find it unfortunate and consider that they are being disrespectful. We often feel overwhelmed that we are losing our ability to teach values to children. This may be disheartening but we can help our children learn one critical value-Respect.

The Need to Teach Our Children-Respect

Respect-Everyone, including children who have mastered the alphabet know how to spell it. But does everyone know how to show it?