Learner, Teacher and Learner

We want our children to do better and achieve their best in all areas of their life. The desire and the need to excel is much stronger nowadays. In doing so, the arena is getting competitive. We strive to find out ways in which we can support our children to achieve milestones in their journey. We are trying to plan activities so that our kids learn as many things in as little time as possible. Moreover, we expect from them to remember the things for longer time as we want to strengthen their base.

Teacher Learner

To give an analogy, we learn the roads and the routes only when we drive ourselves. It means learning by doing and repetition is the optimal way to go about a task and ensure success. In the same way kids learn and retain better when they not only do their tasks themselves but also do them again and again. To ensure repeat actions that will reinforce their learnings, they can teach their peers and young ones. This will also help them realize the importance and value of a teacher and understand how difficult it is to teach and keep the student engaged. Teacher day gives this exposure. To set an example, we can have this feature as a regular activity in schools. This exposure will help the children to develop some of the key 21st century skills like #communication, #team building, #collaboration, #respect and #leadership.