How the VBSE can Help the Mother and the Child Perform Better!

To be born a woman is a blessing. The women are the undeclared superpower, soft yet strong as they are doing multiple roles which are no less than nine avatars of Durga, the Goddess of Shakti. Considering the superpowers that embody women, I feel that every day should be celebrated as a Women's Day.

Women in modern times are managing the diverse activities in their homes such as the kitchen, looking after the studies and extra-curricular activities of their kids and taking care of other family members by playing the roles of teacher, mother, wife, chef, sister, daughter and more. Apart from working in the home, many of them are equally immersed and proficient in managing their workplace.

We are stronger together

I realized that although this is good, there is also a flip side to it. When women take care of every little thing of their children, often the children take them for granted. Mothers need to understand that paying more than the required attention will not develop the skills of the children. On the contrary, due to the over-dependence and excess availability of mother's attention, many skills of kids remain undeveloped. The children are unable to manage themselves since they are not exposed to those diverse situations in which they need to make decisions for themselves.

In managing these activities, many women forget that they have their own persona also. They should be using their skills to develop and grow their own personalities. For this, they might need to leave their homes or spare some time for themselves. But it is important to undertake other activities also which only they can do for the betterment of the society and nation. It is necessary that the elders in a home should create opportunities in the household so that those general household activities are shared by others. This will spare some time for the homemakers to focus on other things in which either they are the master or they can contribute better. It will help to grow and develop the personality of the homemaker and will also set an example to the children as they learn better when they see their mothers performing diverse roles with efficiency. Additionally, it will also make the children self–dependent creating a win-win for all situations.

Often it happens that other people in the household are not able to share the household activities. So, women have to do those activities as they do not have a choice and opportunity to take support and help of others. Maybe they are not suited to these activities, and then it is better to take the support of those who are master of those activities. This is where VBSE aims to play a crucial role.

We, at VBSE, strive to offer some quality time to the homemakers so that they can focus on other core areas and develop their personality. The schedule of VBSE has been designed to provide education to the students as well as imparting education in a fun way along with building values. This will take away the huge pressure from the minds of the women as the task of teaching the kids can be handled effectively by the VBSE Team.

Experience the difference!