About Us

VBSE is a unique concept, a brainchild of Mrs. Bharti Gupta, an educationist. She endeavours to bring active, responsible academicians together to nurture the child into a well-balanced individual. VBSE, a co-educational institution was established with an aim of offering excellent opportunities for the holistic development of children. The holistic development fosters critical thinking, responsibility, independence, initiative to build and grow values.

Our purpose

We, at VBSE are dedicated to providing a challenging and an enriching environment where each child is encouraged to grow academically, socially, and emotionally into a good human being with sound value systems. Everyone is inspired to learn the skills needed to succeed in today's globalized world. With the backing of highly motivated teachers, the institute enables the young learners to be ready for future challenges which will help them touch the horizons they aim for.

True to its vision, the institute encourages physical growth and intellectual development of the children starting with education. Education is imparted through

Coaching & Tuition Classes

Physical growth and intellectual development is provided concurrently with classroom learning through a host of activities such as

  • Language & Maths
  • Games & Physical Exercise
  • Music & Movement

Our Core Values

As we help the child to imbibe good value systems, we ourselves also strive to represent these Our core values. They are the foundation stones of our organization's culture and the guidelines for our code of conduct.

Respect: Respect requires consideration and helpfulness. We strive to be dedicated and patient in all situations which embodies our core value of respect.

Fairness: Fairness in listening and speaking, actions and doing, and being able to understand in positive spirit is what fairness is as our core value.

Agility: Doing agile is a set of activities, but being agile is a state of mind. We as members of a highly rated organization strive to imbibe agility as our core value.

Integrity: Integrity is integral to our organization. We have nothing to fear and we will do the right thing with integrity as our core value.

Compassion: We believe in creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is aware and welcoming to helping each other. Compassion is our forte as a core value.

Collaboration: We collaborate to leverage collective genius. We believe in the power of working together with collaboration as our core value.

An environment that cares and encourages along with providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere can definitely give the children a head start they deserve.

The VBSE in a short period of its operation has earned the reputation of a trusted partner to parents and educators

Message from the Managing Partners

We believe in providing an educational experience that encourages innovation, creativity, global perspective, and critical thinking. With the conviction of giving back to the society, we assist our students in not only excelling academically but living a truly happy, fulfilled life. The institute prides itself in holistic development of the children and encouraging positive interaction with parents. No one teaches a child how to dream, and here at VBSE we help the child realize that sparkly dream. With our trained, expert and dedicated educators, we ensure a happy learning experience both in-curriculum and extra-curriculum.