Inside And Outside-What We Should Develop?

Yesterday night as I was getting ready for a party, a few thoughts drifted in my mind. I felt I should be taking more care of skin and my face. After all, they are what we present to the outside world. Anyway, with such thoughts twirling in my mind, I got ready and set out of the house. 

As I was driving down, I realised that we spent a lot of time on the outer appearances. We go for face clean-up, hair care and styling but rarely think about the rest of the body, much less focus on it. Everyone is more careful about the appearance that they put out for the world and do not bother with the thought of doing exercise for overall development of the mind and body simply, because it is not visible to others. Nobody gives second thoughts to the well-being of their inner self. 

Inside And Outside-What We Should Develop

Soon, more realization dawned and I was wondering about the new generation. Young children today are spending more time on studies, mobiles and computers. These activities are visible as a part of a daily routine, a natural habit. There is no need to make a special provision to complete these daily activities. In accomplishment of all these worldly goals, we seem to have forgotten the importance of improving the inner selves. It is high time that everyone realised that building values will ultimately lead to building a polished personality. 

Building character is the eventual outcome of building values. There is a pressing need to add value building in the day to day activities so that it becomes part of the routine. Such activities need to be under taken so that children imbibe those values as easily as they get immersed in the mobiles. Values will become a part of their personality as easily as any routine activity becomes a part of them.