Why FAIRNESS Matters?


Time and again, we have heard people saying this.  We ourselves have grown up listening to this from childhood. Later on, as adults, we have experienced this in our own lives too. Everyone from an employee to the businessman and from an organization to the government has felt when life has not been fair. 

 Fairness is a value needed by everyone.


So What Exactly Is Fairness?

 Simply said, fairness means the ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty. Essentially, it does not mean pleasing everyone but serving the needs of others in the best possible way and developing relationships that are non-judgmental. 

To be fair oneself and for things to be fair, does not mean a splitting a line in or keeping score. It is and has to be a give and take; sometimes less and sometimes more. 

As a famous philosopher said:

Fairness is the willingness to offer an opportunity to others of being seen and heard. It means being equal in the freedom to do the best without being asked irrelevant questions.

How Can We Be Fair? 

Our relation depends on our behaviour with others. Are we fair in every interaction which we are doing on a daily basis? We may win in some games, a meeting, a conversation, work completion etc. but may lose the relationship with the other person.

As Dale Carnegie said: “You can't win an argument. You can't because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, still you lose it.”

Numerous problems arise in the relationships from perceptions of unfairness. It can be anything- housework, office work, markets, or even communication style. When one person feels like things aren’t fair, resentment builds up and erodes the affection and camaraderie. We can be fair by nurturing the relationship and giving time and space to it.

What Is More Difficult- Managing People Or Managing Work? Can We Be Fair In Both?

We are spending a major part of our day in managing the work and getting things done in the correct manner and within a defined time frame. Whenever there is any delay in completion of work, we make a revised schedule to achieve the target. Consider that our future requirements are bound to grow with time and our responsibilities will also increase. At that time, we will need the support of people to complete our tasks. But will we have that unconditional support at that crucial time? 

This will depend on the relationship we keep with the people now. If we have spent sufficient time with people and built fair relations, they will come to help. Cultivate the relationships while there is still time.

The Crux of the Matter

Fair decision always gives satisfaction in the long run, no matter what the result is today, whether the decision is taken by us or by others. If you find yourself keeping track of ‘who said what’ and can’t help being resentful, it is time to change the mindset. Move and communicate with strength and positivity. Build FAIR relations.