Present Scenario in Value Building

We, as parents focus only on the percentage or grades of the children. But unwittingly we also judge them on their actions and behaviour. When our children are perceived and judged in a similar manner by others, we find it unfortunate and consider that they are being disrespectful. We often feel overwhelmed that we are losing our ability to teach values to children. This may be disheartening but we can help our children learn one critical value-Respect.

The Need to Teach Our Children-Respect

Respect-Everyone, including children who have mastered the alphabet know how to spell it. But does everyone know how to show it? Rudeness has become so pervasive that we almost expect that not everyone will show respect at all times. In the face of popular 'me first' culture, social media, and television, it feels as if it is getting difficult to teach your children the value of respect. Values are increasingly losing ground as the world is progressively becoming consumerist. There is one value-Respect, with which children can learn a whole lot of other lessons such as kindness and compassion.

Children Respect

How can we help?

The best way to teach respectful behaviour is to imbibe it yourself and follow it in the day to day activities. We all need to work together to create a better world; inculcate values of respect for relationships, environment, teachers, books and everything in particular.

Many of our schools are making an effort to include value building as a part of their curriculum. Since a child stays a major part of the day at home, it is the responsibility of those interacting with the child daily, to help in value building. Apart from school and home, when the child is spending time at the education centre, they too can help instil values in the child. Moreover, value building will go a long way when done in a fun learning way.