Big thanks to all our respectable teachers, parents and of course our dearest students

2020 has been a shocking year for the entire world. The outbreak of a global pandemic is once in a lifetime occurrence. The last time people survived a dark phase like this was a century ago. As the number of positive cases soars high with each passing day, police personnel and healthcare workers have been our frontline soldiers worldwide against the Coronavirus. Social media is full of tales about the heroic nurses and doctors who are risking their lives and the lives of their family members every day to treat patients. 

The teachers, too, are our frontline warriors as they have kept the wheels of learning spinning, safeguarding the future of millions of students all over the world. So, it is time to celebrate the tireless efforts and extraordinary patience of parents, students, and teachers in these tough times. VBSE wants to say thanks from the bottom of the heart.

Thanks to our great teachers! They are the ray of hope 

Most people fail to understand the deep connection between teachers and students. Teachers are always pressurized both by the institution and by parents on all occasions. But, the present experience of parents being trapped indoors with their kids for months together and always struggling to create an orderly, rich educational ambiance for the children has allowed parents to appreciate the teacher's contribution in a whole new light. As they toil hard to manage one child, they can clearly see how challenging the teacher's role is.

It takes hours to prepare PowerPoint presentations and PDF files for their students for just one class. Even organizing events and webinars have become a part of their routine now.

How can we, the team of VBSE, forget about the greatest contribution of our teachers? Take a bow! 

Thanks to all our lovable students for stepping outside of the comfort zone

When schools were suddenly shut down to stop the spread of Coronavirus, we had no idea how students will continue learning from home. But technology and dedicated teachers have joined hands to run virtual classes. Most people belonging to the teaching community had little or no experience in online teaching. They are capable of handling a classroom full of children, but they had no idea how to conduct classes online. However, this did not stop them from being their most fabulous selves, providing education to their students from their homes. 

In a short period, students have also stepped out of their comfort zone. While teachers are trying their best to make the classes as interesting and productive as possible, students are cooperating with them beautifully. From sending worksheets on their phone to preparing for online tests, our students are doing it all. So, we cannot thank our dearest students enough for their outstanding cooperation. We wish you all the best for your future.

Our teachers, students, and parents combat multiple problems during online teaching: 

There are advantages of digital schooling, but for small children and teachers in remote areas, it can be extremely frustrating with a lack of sufficient devices. E-learning has its limitations, and here are some of the biggest problems teachers usually face. Hats off to all the teachers, students, and parents! They ignored these problems to concentrate on learning solely.

  1. Even if online teaching is the only solution right now, staring at the computer and explaining concepts is monotonous for both students and teachers instead of traditional classroom-based education.
  2. At least some students always encounter technical hurdles, thus interrupting the teacher multiple times. Our teachers are incredibly patient. They understand all the problems of their dearest students.
  3. Being observed continuously by parents and other family members is not easy all the time. 
  4. Many teachers had to invest in new devices and an internet connection to efficiently run classes despite getting less salary. 
  5. Headaches and other health issues are common due to excess screen time. But they combat all these situations, and VBSE wants to thank you in every possible way.

A strong connection between VBSE teachers and students – A big thanks to the parents

As we express reverence towards the teachers for updating themselves as per the demands of the system, we must also thank the parents for assisting the teachers in all possible ways. It would not have been possible for teachers to teach without any flaw if they had not provided their children with all facilities. 

From buying new smartphones for their child to ensuring that internet connection is secure, from helping the child complete his homework or assignments on time to creating a study space for him, the parents are doing more than they can afford.

The eagerness of students to learn

As remaining confined to our homes is becoming the 'normal' now, teachers have done a commendable job supporting children by regularly conducting online classes. The fantastic job that they are doing at the time of this pandemic is praiseworthy. Our students are also patient with their teachers who are new to the online mode of teaching.

They respect and love their teachers and are grateful to meet them (though virtually) daily. They know that without online classes, it would have been depressing for them to sit at home all day. Even if it is frustrating for small children to sit in front of the computer for long hours, they try to adjust to the new routine. As ample practice of subjects like grammar and mathematics is not possible during class hours, they practice at home. The burden of the courses has been reduced for the convenience of students and teachers.

The VBSE team's assistance

VBSE stands for Value-Based Student Education. Educating one's mind without bettering the heart of the person is no education. VBSE stresses meaningful learning, and we are also grateful to our VBSE team for re-defining the purpose and nature of education in hard times. Let us all join hands and give the best possible knowledge to today's youth, no matter how many obstacles stand in our path to success.

Big thanks to all of you! 

We may conclude by saying that the education system is undergoing the most prominent changes it may not have witnessed in the past few decades. It has allowed us to explore the immense possibilities of virtual learning. We can also see the opinion of masses regarding the role of a teacher in society is also changing. In the last few months, people have realized the significance of parents and teachers in our lives. This pandemic has genuinely made us notice how we all are dependent on each other and how we should not take anything or anybody for granted. We thank the educationists from the bottom of our hearts, and we hope they remain safe in their homes.

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