Dance is not only a way to express oneself beautifully and with grace but also a way to remain fit and healthy. Dance gives a platform for building social skills, improving discipline, enhancing the ability to persevere while maintaining a good posture. It helps to drive the boundless energy of the children into meaningful activities.


It's not a diet

It's not a phase

It's a lifestyle change


Vbse Academy representing you all ZUMBA Workout

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Thanks for your overwhelming response, children have really enjoyed the very well along brain gymming activities and games.

This Saturday we have organised cue maths workshop. It will help the kids to explore the other side of maths differently altogether.

We appreciate your efforts and support . We will surely come up with other wonderful activities in future also.

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To maneuver the trail of life is no less than the checkered board of chess. Who can place a checkmate on you is something you cannot know beforehand. But playing chess can certainly make you agile enough to learn how to transform adversity into an advantage.

Times are changing. Nowadays, we all have to move out for day to day work and life activities. At times, we may not be safe even in our homes. Irrespective of the gender, the danger of potential assault is faced by everyone alike.

Art and Craft

What comes to your mind when somebody says Art and Craft classes?

The world of color, imagination, creativity, innovation and more.

Art and craft typically mean creating things that are beautiful to look at. They show the creative side of the maker, as it helps unleash the potential.


In addition to above Service, we provide below services to our esteemed customers

Online Tuition Classes

K.G. to X all subjects

XI & XII *Commerce, Science & Humanities*

B.A. & B.COM


VBSE Online Abacus & Vedic ( Speed) Math class

The *Abacus* helps your children to develop speed and accuracy in solving math problems by using simple methods. An Abacus increasing their ability for Visualisation, enhancing their ability to recall, increasing their level of Concentration,development of sense of Logical reasoning and development of Photographic Memory.

*Vedic Maths* is a Fun Maths, which not only provides faster mental routes for problem-solving but also develops strategic thinking. It greatly reduces the fear of number and mathematical concepts.


VBSE online Language Classes

Spanish, French, German,Hindi


VBSE online Music classes

Vocal and All types of instrumental classes


VBSE online Computer Classes

Computer courses for school students as per school syllabus, IB board.

For adult basic computer skills, career development courses

VBSE online Dance Classes

Western, Classical, Free style, Bollywood, Contemporary, Punjabi Dance


VBSE Chess Classes

CHESS is  developing and improving cognitive brain functions, including problem-solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, pattern recognition, and memorization skills. Also, it helps to potentially raise IQ levels while teaching sportsmanship and building self-confidence at the same time.


VBSE online Yoga and fitness classes

For ladies & Kids ( no age bar)


VBSE online Art & Craft classes