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we, At vbse academy, are providing Online German grammer, spoken vocabulary in aligarh, Uttar Pradesh with experienced teachers - We are using e teaching software for better communication and sharing class update, assignment, MCQ and results - We focus on study in small batches to ensure personal attention - With online classes we are able to arrange best of the teachers in the field of education

Pincode Areas
202001 Aligarh , Aligarh City , Bannadevi , Civil Court (Aligarh), D S College , Delhi Gate (Aligarh), Dodhpur , Form Press , Gandhi Eye Hospital , I T I Road , Industrial Area Aligarh , Jaiganj , Khair Mandi , Kutchery (Aligarh), Madar Darwaja , Mahavir Ganj
202002 Adaun , Ahmedpur , Aisi , Aligarh Muslim University , Allahdadpur Aisi , Beethna , Bhadesi , Bhankri Ahiwasi , Bhankri Niranjankot , Bhemti , Bidirka , Dedamai , Dhanipur , Digsi , Govindpur Fagoi , Gurusena , Hastpur Chandfari , Jallupur Sehore , Kalwa ,


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VBSE Online Abacus & Vedic ( Speed) Math class

The *Abacus* helps your children to develop speed and accuracy in solving math problems by using simple methods. An Abacus increasing their ability for Visualisation, enhancing their ability to recall, increasing their level of Concentration,development of sense of Logical reasoning and development of Photographic Memory.

*Vedic Maths* is a Fun Maths, which not only provides faster mental routes for problem-solving but also develops strategic thinking. It greatly reduces the fear of number and mathematical concepts.


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CHESS isĀ  developing and improving cognitive brain functions, including problem-solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, pattern recognition, and memorization skills. Also, it helps to potentially raise IQ levels while teaching sportsmanship and building self-confidence at the same time.


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