19 Oct 2019

Not only a festival of lights but color too!

Made more joyous by VBSE Academy !

Have a look at the creative expression of children who participated in the Diwali Special Workshop held to celebrate the spirit of the festival.

Enthusiastic attendance in large numbers!

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved.


03 Oct 2019

We are really thankful for the support and time for our Navratri special workshop .

This Thursday we had a Garba workshop for Ladies.

Here are some glimpses of what our beautiful ladies had learned in this navratri at VBSE Academy.

we will surely come up with other wonderful activities in future also and expect even more support and response than now from your side.

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Yoga is an ancient art whose benefits are recognized even by the western countries now. The rhythm and flow of the yoga postures makes the body and mind agile. It is a means to tone the body and burn calories. The body movements, the postures, the breathing exercises, the relaxation and the meditation techniques are a complete package to make the mind alert and keep the brain sharp.

Manners keep us steady in life- young and adult both. Practicing table manners and following good etiquettes not only show the finesse but also adds to the valuable skills pool. Learning manners help build empathy, sharing and cooperation, skills essential to survive in cut throat competitive world. It teaches respect for ourselves and others.

15 Jul 2019

It has been proved by research that the more you use the brain, the longer it is going to last. Solving riddles, doing puzzles and answering quizzes not only keeps the brain sharp but also adds to the knowledge, confidence and improves communication skills. The teasers for brain help in empowering the brain to think out of the box, literally!

Weaving a story is weaving a dream. Stories help the thought and imagination to find expression by words, by action and by emotion. What's more, it also helps in teaching and imparting knowledge which otherwise would not have been interesting even if necessary.